T H E  S T O R Y  O F  J O L L Y  T O U R ’S  N E W  M O B I L E  A P P  D E S I G N

Jolly Tour mobile app is an end product of comprehensive and collaborative work of research, design and development teams to deliver inspiration, precise recommendations and reliable information to customers with a clear, high-toned user interface.

W H A T  W E  D I D?

We organized workshops to understand stakeholder needs as well as the short and long term business objectives in order to create the mobile strategy and user research plan.


I N - D E P T H  I N T E R V I E W S

We ran in-depth interviews with 12 users to map out their travel planning and online purchase experiences.

We gathered valuable insights into their motivations while travel planning, how they describe a good experience and how we can provide a great mobile journey.

M O B I L E  U S A B I L I T Y  T E S T I N G

We ran tests on competitor mobile apps, investigated and compared usability issues and created extensive guidelines for the user experience and usability framework we envisioned for Jolly Tour’s new app.


R E S U L T S : 5  S T A R  R A T E D  A P P

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As a UX/UI Team Lead: User Research, UX Design, Interaction Design, Wireframing, UI/GUI